Joey Kapusta

Gameplay Programmer

Digital Games

Guildmaster boss Guildmaster boss


A demo dungeon for a first person adventure game in Unreal 4. This dungeon has puzzles, platforming, and combat, leading to a boss fight. This was coded in a combination of C++ and Blueprints.

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An online 1v1 multiplayer physics game. Each player uses various physics-based abilities to try to knock gems into their goal, scoring points based on the color of the gem. The rounds are timed, and the player with the most points by the end wins.

More info Lumina gameplay Lumina gameplay


A web game inspired by Magicka. This project used JavaScript and Canvas to create a sidescrolling action game with a custom UI framework, lighting system, and element-type spellcasting system. I created the UI framework as a JavaScript module, which was also used in Leap of Faith, another of my web games.

More info Leap of Faith gameplay Leap of Faith gameplay

Leap of Faith

A unique endless runner for the web. We used JavaScript and Canvas to create and endless runner with a party of playable characters. You switch between 3 characters as you run, using their various skillsets to progress and level up each character. This game used the same UI and lighting systems as Lumina.

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A Legend of Zelda clone in Monogame C#. This single-dungeon adventure had numerous map rooms, read in from text files, including puzzles, combat with melee, ranged, and magic weapons, objective-based progression, and auto-saving.

More info Traction gameplay Traction gameplay


A 2D sandbox-survival game made in Processing Java. Inspired by Minecraft and Terraria, this game included procedural terrain with biomes, destructable environment, an inventory of resources for block-based building, projectile physics, and enemy AI.

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Shetland Engine demo Shetland Engine demo

Shetland Engine

A 3D game engine in C++ with OpenGL. Pictured is a shooting gallery demo made within the engine in one sitting.

More info Light Cars running Light Cars running

Light Cars

A simulation of steering behaviors in Java. These cars are accelerated by the ambient light intesity and are steered based on the most powerful light source affecting them. A light trail tracks their movement and creates interesting designs.

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Tabletop Games

Lumina gameplay Lumina gameplay

Toil & Trouble

A competitive card game where players take the role of alchemists. Brew potions to sell for gold, or to drink to cast magic against your opponents. Potion are made by combining ingredient cards, competing to finish orders dictated by shared order cards.

More info Tales of Fate & Fortune hunter cards Tales of Fate & Fortune hunter cards

Tales of Fate and Fortune

A PvE rogue-like card game. Play with your friends as a party of bounty hunters, pursuing mythical beasts. The Fate deck determines the challenges you face during your journey, while the Fortune deck determines your rewards. A cross between D&D and Munchkin.

More info Psychosis boxart Psychosis boxart


A PvP/PvE survival horror board game. Fight enemies, cast spells, and buy weapons with your one and only resource: your sanity. Survive the hellish alternate dimension and escape back to reality. Only one may pass through the portal. The rest descend into psychosis.

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Web Apps

Audio visualization Audio visualization

Audio Visualizer

Created on Canvas with JavaScript. This app runs on the web and visualizes the track played in an audio element. The visualization is interactive, and includes post-processes that alter both the visuals and sound.

More info The Gamer's Guide results The Gamer's Guide results

The Gamer's Guide

A videogame search engine. This site pulls from multiple APIs to return boxart, summaries, ratings, and the best prices for games across web retailers.

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Gregor sewer Gregor sewer


A vanilla Minecraft adventure map. Escape your wrongful imprisonment and overthrow the corrupt ruler of an underground civilization. This study in level design includes a quest and dialog system, trading, espionage, and custom boss battles, all created with in-game resources.

More info Aztec temple pond Aztec temple pond

Aztec Temple

A study in 3D modeling, texturing, and environment design using Maya, Phototshop, and Unity. All assets used were modeled and textured for this scene, including ambient occlusion and bump maps. The scene was assembled, lit, and given water and fire effects in Unity.

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